UHMS Students Collected 1800 Cans for the PERC Shelter in Union City

Tis the season to give thanks and share the goods we can and that's what UHMS did.  The students of Union Hill Middle School collected a record 1800 cans for the PERC Shelter in Union City.  
students collecting cans from the first floor homerooms     girls getting the canned goods down the hallway
A group of Student Council members headed by Ms. Velazquez, worked hard to collect, count the cans to make sure the shelter was stocked well for Thanksgiving.   
lining up the boxes of canned goods for the shelter outside the school     security guard helping to transport canned good outside
A special thanks to Mr. Introna for donating his truck, gas, and time to transport the collected good.
Ms. Velazquez with 2 students posing in front of collected canned goods     Mr. Introna inspecting the boxes in his pick up truck