Congratulations to Sarela R. and Lizzie L. UHMS Students of the Week

UHMS would like to congratulate the Students of the Week for the Week of June 1, Sarela R. and Lizzie L.!
Sarela has shown amazing adaptability during VS. She is working diligently in all of her classes. She is always present and participates with enthusiasm. Additionally, she is a good role model for her peers during lessons and discussions on Zoom.
Lizzie is an exemplary student. During the year she was quiet but dedicated. Ironically, VS has given her a voice to communicate outstanding work and ideas. Not only does she demonstrate outstanding work, but her dedication to mindfulness and attendance on Zoom is also always full of positivity for her peers!
Great work, ladies! We are so proud of you! Both girls received a pizza dinner from Terminis. #UHMSTogetherAtHome