UHMS Teacher of the Week Spotlight: Ms. Scheurer aka Ms. J

UHMS proudly announces our first Teacher of the Week Spotlight! In order to celebrate our teachers and honor all the hard work they are doing, we will choose one deserving teacher each week to showcase how unique and talented he or she is! This week our Teacher of the Week's Spotlight goes to our very own Ms. J. Scheurer, or as the kids lovingly call her, Ms. J! Let's get to know a little about Ms. J!
1. Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ.
2. Where did you go to school? I attended St. Aloysius Grammar School, St. Dominic Academy High School, Rutgers University (BA), and New Jersey City University (MA).
3. What is one thing students don't know about you that would surprise them? I never ever wanted to be teacher. Even when many of my teachers in high school told me they thought I would be a great teacher, I was adamant I would never be a teacher! Boy, was I wrong!
4. What is a talent/hobby/collection you spend time outside of school hours? I work on being an environmentalist, to the best of my ability, so I like to do things like shop at thrift stores, collect vintage items that have had a life and hold a story in their bones, save items that can be repurposed and reused without further clogging up our planet’s land and water, and eat a plant-based diet. I am also an animal lover and protector.
Congratulations, Ms. J! Keep up the great work! We all appreciate you so much! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN!!! :) #UHMSTogetherAtHome
Ms. J holding basket of goodies      bitmojii class setting with image of adrian
Ms. J's bitmojii classroom    Ms. J's Bitmojii class with video