Union City Counts 2020 Census

Underscoring the importance of counting every resident in this year’s U.S. Census, the District’s top administrators recently took part in an informational session featuring county, state and federal officials involved in the census.

Our educators and students will play an integral role in Mayor/State Senator Brian P. Stack’s ‘Union City Counts 2020’ advocacy initiative to help ensure our District, and the City of Union City receives the maximum federal funding available over the next 10 years.

The results of the 2020 census will be used to determine federal funding levels through 2030 for these programs:

*  Special Education

*  Head Start Early Childhood Education

*  After-School Programs

*  Classroom Technology

*  Free School Lunches

*  Maternal and Child Care Programs

*  Infrastructure Maintenance & Repairs

*  Social Service Programs


Every speaker at the session, organized by Director of Community Relations Mercedes Joaquin, emphasized that the census is safe and easy because Federal Title 13 prohibits sharing census information with any other agencies or with law enforcement, even if you are an undocumented resident.

‘Union City Counts 2020’ will soon begin a citywide outreach and informational initiative to make everyone aware of the importance of participating in the census. The city will soon have support centers open throughout Union City where people can receive help in filling out the census form. 

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