Photo Album

exxon representative with three girls trying an experiment with droppers
girl pointing to a result strip on the table
control strips inside a cup with a solution
exxon representative working with girls using the test strips
female exxon representative with two girls creating a ball out of a blue solution that they created in a cup
opening up red color dye to be placed in a cup with a white cream based solution
a girl playing with the blue goo
4 girls at science table
two girls placing test strips into a cup with a solution
a group of girls observing as one of them place a a piece of plastic into a bin with a liquid solution
three girls recording their finding of a test
several groups of girls comparing their test strips with different solutions in a plastic bags
girl pulling a blue goo that she just created
group of girls putting hands on top of each other in a combined effort of holding hands
girls using pipe cleaners with aluminum foil to create a display
group of girls with yellow goo in their hands
girl placing aluminum foil into clear solution in tub
girls placing coins on the aluminum foil packet to see if it floats
girls creating balls with their goo
playing with bloo goo