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UHMS students participate in the 5K run for UC fallen officers on 10/20

UHMS Students participating in the 5K run
Palisade avenue filled with bystanders ready for the kids to come running down the street
two boys running amongst the bystanders watching on palisade ave at the beginning of the 5K
two boys laughing as on boys hat falls off during the run
young man with braces laughing and bystanders clapping for him
Women choosing to walk the 5K instead of running
UHMS students one boy running and a girl walking
uhms students running the 5K vigorously
UHMS girl running the 5 K
UHMS Students at the finish line
two boys running and enjoying the run as bystanders clap and support them
uhms teacher running the 5K run
boys running fast at the 5K run