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Good Things Going On at UHMS in October

Students working together on Math
Students learning about how to plot graphs
students taking notes during teachers lecture
showing strength in gym class
jumping in gym class
running up gym stairs to stay fit
students working hard on math problems
kids working together in class
happy classroom
scarecrow door display
fall poetry display
7th grade students listening to teacher instructions
all hands up ready to answer teachers question
students working hard on worksheet
taking notes in history class
english class digital presentation
8th grade math digital presentation
english class working on the computers
having fun with vocabulary words
working on computers during science class
Students working with their science textbooks
happy teacher in her class
Class project poetry with their hands
cozy classroom discussing their latest novel
working on the board to solve math problems
group work in science class
boys jumping in gym
thinking about how to answer open ended questions
group project working together
digital presentaiton about music
everyone has an answer in english class
teacher giving lecture
everyone ready to get started in class
teacher happily welcomes students to class
pick me pick me students raising hands to answer question