Photo Album

setting up the classroom for the challenge
students setting up the line from the board
moving around the triangle on the floor
children start to fill the safe zone
teacher in the corner of the classroom while the students are in the safe zone
students walking out of the safe zone around the boarder of the safe zone
students sitting in the safe zone and one student standing up
the empty classroom
two boys measuring the distance from the board to the point of the triangle safe zone
a boy holds the measuring tape and another boy and girl verify the measurement
teacher explain to the student the reasoning for the measurements based on the triangle formula
teacher explaining to student how the formula applies to the safe zone on floor
two girls and a boy check over the area that they taped on the floor
female student figuring out the formula on the board for the safe zone
students checking their answers using the formula on the board
a male student showing off the results using his graphic calculator
measuring the point of the triangle and marking in with tape
two male students working on another formula on the board
math teacher explaining todays assignment
student labeling the answers with tape on the floor
going over the answers taped to the floor in the safe zone